Whistleblower System

How to use this system


This whistleblower system is designed for you to alert the Compliance Team of a situation which you feel is contrary to legal provisions or our own standards and guidelines.

As part of responsible corporate management, visitBerlin regards compliance as one its core values. All employees of Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH (visitBerlin) are required to observe applicable laws, rules and internal guidelines. Only in this way can we ensure that we protect our company and staff, our shareholders and cooperation partners from incidents that may be damaging to them. Since this applies equally to our associated companies (100% subsidiaries of visitBerlin), our whistleblower system can also be used to report compliance issues relating to visitBerlin’s associated companies.

Detecting inappropriate behaviour or irregularities in compliance at an early stage plays a crucial part in limiting possible damage. Moreover, this also enables us to re-think processes and structures and, where necessary, adapt them. In this spirit, we actively encourage employees to raise their concerns as well as external partners such as, for example, business partners or customers.
The whistleblower procedure explained here is, however, not for complaints or grievances, but exclusively for uncovering inappropriate practices and infringements of rules and statutory requirements. To report a concern over our products or services, contact our Berlin Service Center (030/ 2500025).

All concerns submitted to the whistleblower system are treated in confidence. Since the system allows you to report a concern anonymously, you can choose to report anonymously or use your own name. In either case, all reports of alleged malpractice are followed up.  After submitting your message, you are sent a case number. This allows you to log onto the whistleblower system within four weeks to review the state of our investigation. We would, though, ask you to bear in mind that processing a compliance-relevant issue can take several weeks. If you are interested in the result of your concern after the expiry of the deadline of four weeks, re-submit your message to obtain a new case number.

Please note that reporting incidents on compliance-relevant issues must be in good faith and not against your better judgment.

The whistleblower system must not be used to submit information known to be incorrect or slanderous.

Thank you for your support!

Security Advice


If you would like to remain anonymous when using this system, we would ask you to note the following:

Do not enter your name or other data that might allow inferences to be drawn about your identity. You are advised to avoid any references to your own area of work and your relationship to persons who, in your opinion, are responsible for the alleged misconduct or inappropriate behaviour.

If possible, do not log your concern on the whistleblower system from your work computer.  You should also bear in mind that uploaded documents may, under some circumstances, also provide an indication of your identity. In such cases, you are advised to remove such references before you upload the documents or, where this is impractical, to refrain from uploading them.

How do you report a concern?

  1. Describe the concern you would like to report and, when you are ready, submit your message.
  2. After you have submitted your message, you will receive a unique case number together with a link so you access the case at a later date.
  3. Your message is then considered and, where appropriate, investigated.
  4. You can view the responses to your message at any time via your case number.
  5. One month after replying to your message, the case is archived and no longer available.

I would like to open a case already reported.

I would like to report a new case.

Whistleblower System

The case is no longer available or cannot be identified.

Whistleblower System



By clicking “send” your message is sent to the visitBerlin Compliance Team.


After submitting your message to visitBerlin, you will receive a unique case number allowing you to check the current status of the case at any time. You have the chance to note down the case number.

Whistleblower System


We would ask you to complete the following details, even if they are already included in the description of your concern.

Option to upload documents

Sending attachments: You can send us up to 6MB of data. If the data exceeds this amount, you can, if you so wish, send us the requisite documents by post. Indicate the date when sent by post, mark your letter ‘Compliance’ and address it to Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH, Human Resources & Legal Affairs, Am Karlsbad 11, 10785 Berlin.

Follow our Security Advice to ensure that we can preserve your anonymity, if so desired.